Start Here About this Blog - A Primer on Reading this Material

By way of introduction I include this piece to share a little a bit about the purpose of this blog and how to go about approaching it.

I started this blog to pursue a vision that needs expression. Locked up in my own mind it serves nobody. Sharing, exploring, discovering is the goal for now.

My intention is not be too authoritative or prescriptive, telling you how to do something the right way. Instead I will share my personal take on the creative process, how I find meaning in life, and things I’ve found along the way that seem to work .

By scattering some seeds I hope that certain ideas will find fertile ground.

I need to keep this writing loose enough, and personal. I am exploring and don’t have much figured out yet. That’s why I started this blog — to practice the act of working creatively entails a good degree of uncertainty, and being ok with that.

More than anything I hope the crumb trail left behind by these words will be found by like-minds and provide value for someone along the way.

Being inspired is one of the greatest feelings. Some people blow me away, and I love them for it. If there is anything I want to pass on, it is that feeling.

I hope you find something valuable here and if you do, feel free to share it!

Each post is for the most part a standalone piece, but there is a narrative thread being slowly developed as they progress. The posts are numbered in sequence and as such they are best approached from the beginning and read in progression, however each new post appears at the top of the page in reverse chronological format like a traditional blog.

Below is an ordered list of posts to get you started:

  1. In Search of Clarity Finding Meaning through Uncertainty
  2. Starting Something How to Get Going When Things are Going Nowhere
  3. The Right Start Start As You Mean to Go On
  4. Return and Repeat Find Inspiration in Repetition with the Mindful Creative Enquiry
  5. Winter Solstice Ritual Creating Time to Listen
  6. Resolutely Clear Small Changes for Big Impact
  7. Ikigai – Your Reason for Being Finding Meaningful Work
  8. Returning After a Long Pause The Importance of a Gap Year
  9. The Safe Way Out is In Stitching Together the Missing Link
  10. An Invitation to Ithaca When You Set Out, Pray That Your Journey be Long

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