Resolutely Clear Small Changes for Big Impact

A New Year is upon us. Another fresh start. A time to kick-off those resolutions for all the great changes we will make in the coming year. I will keep my goals to myself for now, but briefly wanted to acknowledge the birth of a new year and touch upon some of the small things that have had a big impact on me.

Our sights are often set upon the next peak before we fully appreciate how far we’ve come. Now is a great time to pause and reflect with gratitude for what is in our wake. Thank you first and foremost to my beautiful partner, Vili for the support offered in a very challenging year. You mean the world to me.

Some brief highlights of other things that kept me busy.

Last Year (2015)

• Attained BSc. in Digital Technology, Design & Innovation (1st Class Honours)

• Visited Bulgaria & Amsterdam

• Started Morning Routine in Creative & Meditative practice (5am – 8am)

• Started to workout

• Started Blog

• Built and updated 5+ websites (plus app prototype)

There are countless other moments that stay with me from last year, such as making new friends, going through Christmas with my nearly 3 year old son, climbing rainy winter mountains with friends and family. These moments fill my days with meaning and make my life worth living. For all involved I am immensely grateful.

Rather than spilling out specific goals here, the following points are general maxims I’d like to keep in mind as I go forward, as they are some of the things I tried or neglected this year that had a big impact.

This Year (2016)

• Keep things small and manageable.

• Aim for more with less.

• Find flow with people.

• Gently introduce new healthy habits.

• Get lean, more greens, be seen.

• Share more, dare more, care more.

One small example. Finances have been tight so I didn’t think I could save any money. Then I realised I could put away €1 a day. I also had a look at that old coin jar where loose change was sometimes put. It turned to have €80 hidden there. I have €16 so far from saving €1. It mightn’t sound like much, but it is a gentle habit that feels manageable. The small results can be misleading and prevent us from making any progress. It is the habit and change of behaviour that counts.

I’m leaving this post purposefully lean right now. I encourage you to try something really small that you might be able to do everyday. Create time for just one minute of your chosen healthy habit. You might be surprised with the results.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts on change for the new year. Drop a comment below if you feel like sharing.


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